23/4 / Albert Hofer

Sonorizzazione @Santeria dalle 18:00 alle 21:00.

Albert Hofer - born in Florence (1979) - started his career as DJ and event promoter in 1996, working in Florence’s clubs and on the local radio Nova Radio. He relocated to London in 1998, where he acquired a BA Criminology in 2001 (Middlesex University) and a MA Cultural Studies (Goldsmiths University), followed by a Master of Philosophy (Goldsmiths University) on the following years. His areas of expertise are criminology, sociology, philosophy with a particular interest in the topics of violent crime/serial killing, organized crime, body-art/performance-art, violence, alternative sexual practices, subcultures, wounds, epidemics.
In 2006 he relocated to Berlin, conducting an investigation exploring novel understandings of wounds traceable back to contemporary culture and the arts. Since 2008 he is based in Milan, working as event promoter.
From 2001 to 2003 he founded Scar-Tissue - a project focusing on the exploration of the concept of body and to the merging of art/installation/gallery space with club-nights and public events. Under the Scar-Tissue guise, he curated two events in Florence – Musica per Corpi Feriti (2001) and Piattaforma per Corpi Senza Organi (2003) – that featured both video art, performances and live music.
In January 2004 he launched his solo-project Channel 83 (also a website www.channel83.co.uk): this online resource archives the work of those artists, performers, writers or academics who have dealt with the wounded body as an important part of their work. Channel 83 also strives to bring forth the production of further wounds, by working on joint projects with the artists whose artworks it showcases, and through a series of works on commission.
In September 2004 he returned to work in his hometown Florence where – in collaboration with E+ - curated “Every Eye is a Hole – A Coronation of Wounds”, a 12 hours-long marathon alternating talks, exhibitions, installations, performances, exclusive screenings of movies all relating more or less explicitly to the theme of wounds and wounding. In June 2005 - again in Florence and in partnership with E+ - he curated a second event: “Errata Corpora – Bodies Against Nature”. Several international artists agreed to contribute to the event, merging video art, sculpture, painting, performance, with music and installations.
From September to November 2005 he curated 4 exhibitions in collaboration with Artube – the gallery space of Florence’s club Tenax. In the same period he developed and curated a DVD (“Channel 83 Presents: An Archive of Wounds”) gathering some of the best material having been showcased on his website Channel 83. The DVD has been featured in several major European clubs and events (Sage Club/Pulp Mansion – Berlin, Tenax/Teatro Studio di Scandicci – Florence, Teatro Politeama – Cascina, Rocket Club/Hollywood – Milan, Chelsea Theatre/Barbican Centre/SE1 – London, etc) and has been screened in several European countries such as Greece, Poland, England, Germany, Italy – sharing space with acknowledged international artists such as Ron Athey, Franko B, Suka Off, Fakir Musafar.

In October 2005 he took part in “Polietilene: Mixed-Media Festival” – alongside important names in the international video-art panorama such as Chris Cunningham, Kinkaleri, Luca Matti.

In May 2006 Channel 83 took part in “Il Museo del Postumano - No Human No Cry,” (Monza) - a five days long happening dedicated to the post-human condition. Channel 83 had its video featured during the event. “Channel 83 Presents: An Archive of Wounds” has subsequently been included in the project’s future (itinerating) line-up on a permanent basis.

In June 2006, with Channel 83, he co-promoted “E-Day: Mixed Media Happening”, a festival showcasing works by practitioners active in several different media, such as theatre, dance, performance, music, video.

At the end of September 2006, Channel 83 was asked to curate a two hour long screening of contemporary video art by the Italian club promoter La Nuit de Sade: “The Obscene Mannequin”, taking place in the open-air arena Zero (Florence).

In February 2007 he co-founded the twin projects “Disco Mafia/Fratelli Monelli” – Berlin club-nights dedicated to techno and electronic music and video art. Some of the guests that appeared at these events include Electric Indigo, Savas Pascalidis, Peter Grummich. He subsequently left the project in February 2008.

In May 2007 he was invited to be on the bill for Torture Garden’s (the world’s most important fetish event) birthday ball. He was also invited again by Torture Garden again in November 2007 to take part in the event it hosted as part of the “Art & Sex” exhibition held at the Barbican Centre in London (featuring works by Bacon, Schiele, Warhol, Bellmer, Araki, Picasso and many other).

In June 2006 he returned to UK as guest in the festival “Revisions Of Excess” organized by Fierce and curated by the artists Ron Athey and Lee Adams and dedicated to the nihilistic writings of author like Bataille, Genet and Blake.

Starting from September 2007 he became a columnist for the Italian magazine Nixon. During Fall 2007, the book by the English publisher Pictropia titled “Girls” (a collection of pin-ups’ portraits by the artist Doralba Picerno) was released with an introduction by Albert Hofer.

In October 2007 Channel 83 was selected to take part in the first two “Grotesque Gala” events in Berlin – an uncompromising anti-censorship performance-art festival born in response to the growth of popularity of increasingly politically correct forms of burlesque club performance. Channel 83’s video was included in the line-up.

In February 2008 he collaborated to “Inside Flesh” side-project by Polish performance artists Suka Off, taking care of the casting, the selection of the locations and helping on set.

In September 2008 he co/founded “Subterfuge” – Milan’s itinerating secret party. In the following months, he also gave birth to its side-projects “Reel Motel” (a club night that is based around the idea of radical transformation of the event space) and "Rongwrong".

One month later - in October 2008 – he created “Back Alley Beats – Music Through the Neighbour’s Window”, an acoustic club night where samples from the cityscape merge with romantic and melancholic atmospheres. Each event was dedicated to a different European city, exploring its atmospheres through mixed media (photography, music, video).

The beginning of 2009 saw support English new musical sensation KASMS with Channel 83’s video “An Archive of Wounds” while at the same time getting involved with “Walking Wounded”, another monthly event where he DJs and exhibits his photographic work.

Since then, he took part in "Carousel" together with ELITA - a club night based on the idea of interaction where the clubbers can swap clothes in exchange for costumes.

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