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16 /12 Daniel Annbjer

In esposizione al bar una selezione di lavori di Daniel Annbjer

Daniel Annbjer a Swedish Graphic Design & Art Director currently based in Milan.
Influenced by growing up and participating in the colorful Skate & Graffiti scene since -94, street-culture inspired the style and tone of the FVSD-Project as a visual outlet and reflexion of a highly visual & graphic culture keeping things fresh & simple. FVSD can be interpreted as “Farmers Versus Devils” indicating a “good versus bad” statement where the ongoing counter-force struggle keeps the world moving. The Artworks have a touch minimalsitic pop-art flavor with iconic & brand-like compositions in a spared but contrast-rich color-palette. The FVSD - project includes a series of mediums produced including posters, bags, pins and a full production of the brand FVSD T-shirt’s.